Marc VDS on Top Form in Austria

Marc VDS on Top Form in Austria

Spielberg, Austria – July 17 2016: Team Marc VDS Estrella Galicia 0,0 scored three podiums in three Renault Sport Series races in Spielberg, Austria. Markus Palttala and Fabian Schiller won the endurance race, and then each finished second in their solo race.

Starting second on the endurance race grid, Palttala attempted to gain the advantage at the first turn, but was denied. Despite pushing hard to attempt to take first position, he had to settle for second and thus drove consistently to ensure the car was in the best possible shape for Schiller to take over in the second stint.

After the pitstops, Schiller emerged in the lead and comfortably led the race until the finish, with a mature and strong drive to earn the pairing the victory and, once more, the lead in the endurance standings.

Schiller’s solo race was a tough one. Carrying 80kg of weight, the young German measured his performance perfectly to finish in second place, retaining his lead in the AM standings.

Palttala, meanwhile, was once again denied at the first turn in his sprint race. The Finn took the lead but was ordered to give the place back by race control, and for the remainder of the race found the car a little too nervous to get close enough to make a pass for the lead.

The results see the pairing lead the endurance standings, while Schiller is also on top in the AM category. Team Marc VDS EG 0,0 comfortably tops the teams’ points. Palttala is in third place, trailing the leader by just three points, in the PRO standings.

Markus Palttala, Renault R.S.01 #9
“The endurance race was nearly perfect for us. I’m a little disappointed not to take full points for myself but as a team performance it was fantastic. I closed the gap to the top of the PRO standings, and we’re now leading every other championship. We were all impressed how Fabian managed the 80kg success weight in the race; he did a fantastic job. He’s showing he is an extremely mature driver, and he proved once again he is very controlled when he gets into the lead of a race. It’s been a really positive weekend, especially after dropping a few points in Imola. Testing here between races really cemented our team feeling and we’re making strides every time we run the car.”

Fabian Schiller, Renault R.S.01 #9
“The endurance race was fantastic again. Racing with Markus, I always feel confident that I’m going to be in with the best shot; he handed me a perfect car, and I was in the lead throughout my stint. In the sprint, it was always going to be tough to carry 80kg, but the guys did a wonderful job to make sure the car was as good as it possibly could be so a podium is still a great result, and I’m still on top in my side of the standings. I can’t ask for better than that!”

Marc van der Straten, Team Owner
“It’s wonderful to leave Austria with my team so strong in the standings. The racing was brilliant, the performance from everyone wearing Marc VDS colours was brilliant, and the results were brilliant too. I’m a very proud man!”