Márquez Vierge: friends and rivals in the same garage

Márquez Vierge: friends and rivals in the same garage

“My target is to try to be smooth, enjoy every race and the results will come,” says Márquez. Vierge, meanwhile, reveals that this is “a big season for me” but that “everything is on point.”

With just a few days to go before they are reacquainted with their Kalex machines, Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS Moto2 riders Alex Márquez and Xavi Vierge share their feelings ahead of the 2019 season: their objectives, their goals, and above all their relationship. Xavi and Álex have been buddies since they were little kids and now their friendship will be put to the ultimate test, as they share a garage and fight elbow to elbow for the same prize.

How do you see the upcoming season? What are you hoping for in 2019?

Alex: I continued with Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS because I came into Moto2 with this team to win, so the target is not done. The target needs to be done. To give our 100%, we need to do more. We must try to improve in the crucial moments – in the moments when you need to be there, we need to try and stay a little more calm.

Xavi: It’s a big season for me.  I think last year we did a good job, we made a good step forward, but we made a lot of mistakes. Now we are with the best team in Moto2, so it’s a big opportunity for me. Nothing is easy in Moto2, I know, but I think now everything is on point.

How do you feel about being Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS teammates?

Alex: I have a really good relationship with Xavi. He’s a really good rider, he has a lot of talent and he has a lot of motivation coming to this team – he knows he has a good opportunity. For sure I will learn things from him.

Xavi: To share a team with Alex Márquez is very special because he’s a friend but also he’s like an idol. I’ve known him since we were kids and he has had a super career. We have always had a relationship but I have always seen him as ‘Alex Márquez.’ Now I have the opportunity to share a team with him! One of his biggest strengths is his preparation. Every weekend he is always very intense with his training and in that respect I can learn a lot from him.

How will you manage the rivalry and friendship within the same team and the same garage? Is that something that worries you?

Alex: If we are rivals fighting for the title, outside we are not going to speak about what you have on the bike or what you have on the other one. When I speak with him, 90% is about life, general things and the problems you have outside. We are not really young guys, so we know how to differentiate.

Xavi: I think if we work together we can arrive better prepared for the races. During all weekend we can share everything but during the races, both riders want the same. We can help the team and share everything but when the lights are off there is no friendship on the track. If both riders are clear, we will not have any problems.

Alex, do you think is the definitive season for you to go for the title?

Alex: I don’t want to think about it too much because over the past two years I have been thinking too much on the bike and it hasn’t all come easy. I hope to work well with the team, try to be smooth, to be easy, and to enjoy every race and enjoy riding the bike. This is my target: enjoy and the results will come. The key to the season will be to be 100% prepared in Qatar. 

Xavi, are you a contender for the title?

Xavi: I hope to be a contender for the title but I want to stay calm. I think there are other riders with more pressure than me. For sure this is the objective but we have to take it step by step and I hope we can fight for it.

With their ideas clear and their objective set, the Team Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS riders will be back on the throttle on the 6th February at a private test to take place at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia.